Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Entertainment Inn

There have been a few days that I haven't really been able to leave our apartment since arriving in Melbourne.  There have also been a few other days that I just haven't wanted to.

Instead of being agitated, annoyed, or pressuring, my awesome suitemates have risen to the occasion of making our suite an awesome place to spend some time. 

One of our first activities was crayons.  6 dollar crayons, but crayons none the less!

Sadly, none of my creations are really worth being posted, but I appreciated Gavin's hard work procuring them for me.

Then there was the emergency exit lighting.  They not only set it up, they kept it in place.

Then one of our epic discoveries: ninja darts.

Gavin and Terrence got one of these darts at the arcade.  One evening Gavin randomly drew the board on the window of our place in white crayon, and an awesome game was born.  Later we decided we needed more darts, so back to the arcade.  Fun getting darts.  Fun playing with darts.  Everything from standard darts to gladiator darts complete with tennis ball beaming of contestants. 

Our last invented game involved tossing bottle caps into the vase in our apartment.  You wouldn't believe how many hours of entertainment this can provide.

So this is a blog about how how are apartment became Entertainment Inn, but more importantly about how my husband and friends care so much about me that they're just as happy to toss bottle caps and plastic darts in our apartment then hit up the city of Melbourne when I can't go out. <3

Thank you. 

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