Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's for Dinner?

A blog about what we had for dinner!  If you want to see our cookbooks, check out the cookbook shelf link at the top my the blog

Monday:   Eggplant and Pepper Stoup with Indian Spices (Rachel Ray 365)

I love Indian food.  My husband does not.  Hence I rarely get to eat it.  I never cook Indian both because my husband dislikes it and it smells so strong.  I chose this because it was mild but I thought it might be good enough to hold me over.  Eh... it was okay.

Tuesday: Paprika Chicken From Cori's Kitchen.

Tuesday I did the round trip Palm Springs commute (ick) so I was exhausted when I got home.  Gavin helped me make paprika chicken recipe his sister gave us last year at our wedding shower.  It was pretty good and smelled amazing.  The sauce didn't thicken up how we wanted, but it was still good.

Wednesday: Sushi Date with Gavin at Sushi Plantation in Mission Viejo

I've written about Sushi plantation many times before.  No disappointment here!  (I also had Indian for lunch to make up for Monday, Gandhi Palace in Anaheim, pretty good.)

Thursday:  Olive Garden, Palm Springs.

The think about traveling for business is that I'm all about doing as much business as possible.  That means 10, 12, 14 hour days if I have any energy for it.  So when it's time to pack up and sleep I usually just pick a logo I recognize (and an easy to get into driveway) and eat.  Hence, Olive Garden.

Friday: Javier's, Newport Coast

I met up with some friends at Javier's.  I had a shrimp salad.  The dressing was good, but it wasn't really my type of place.  I also drank my first Corona Light.  Beer is weird.

Saturday: Sushi on Fire, Huntington Beach with  Jen.

I had a super weird Saturday that involved photographing clouds, several shopping spree, glow in the dark bracelets, throwing sand, and having dinner with Jen.  Can't really beat delicious food with an insightful, sympathetic, understanding friend.  And free sake, too. 

Sunday: Rosemary Chicken and sweet potatoes and baby broccoli aka, whatever was left over from last week  

I think it's a sign of my culinary growth that I'm no longer completely daunted by the idea of cooking something with out set ingredients and a cookbook.  (To be fair, I used to always cook like that, which is why I was then terrified to attempt it!)  I didn't hear any complaints about today's results.

Last weeks goal was to not skip any dinners.  Mission accomplish.  Lunch and breakfast didn't fare so well, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.  This is gonna be a tough week, so no promises.  But I'll try.


  1. Random question about your Sunday night Rosemary chicken - how did you cook it? The rare times I have used rosemary (or seen it used) I have always seen it as sprigs which were removed before serving the dish. Your photo seems to show it incorporated on the individual pieces of chicken though - I am just wondering how it was prepared. Thanks in advance - I am very, very slowly moving into the cooking world and find myself full of questions!

  2. Hey Jennifer, I sauteed garlic and onion first. Then I chopped the chicken and 'stir-fried' with the dried rosemary. In my experience, rosemary sprigs seem to work best with stews/sauces. I always use dried with chicken or veggies. (I often think that fresh rosemary is a bit strong for my taste, fyi). If you decide to get more into cooking, enjoy it! It's a fun hobby!

  3. I feel a bit silly - the thought of using dried rosemary didn't even cross my mind! This is extra-silly of me because there is an entire spice cupboard in the kitchen and quite possibly a container of dried rosemary sitting just waiting to be used. Thanks so much for the tip - I might have to try making my own now because you make it sound so easy to cook!