Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's for Dinner? I dunno we'll figure it out as we go edition.

Last week I was jet-lagged, overwhelmed and exhausted.  Life is heavy sometimes.

So almost every night, dinner went something like this:

Open fridge, sigh at lack of food, close fridge.  Open pantry, sigh at lack of food options close pantry.  Decide I wasn't actually that hungry and wander away.

But on Monday Jen came over and that night, we cooked!

Jen wrote a beautiful description of the dish here.  So I'll just say: it was yummy.  And greatly appreciated as my only real meal of the week.

One night, I had top ramen.  Don't hate, without ramen I would have starved to death during college.

Pretty sure I forgot to eat dinner a few times when Gavin wasn't here.  Friday night I had dinner with some new friends in Santa Ana and then my mom came to visit Saturday (and made sure I didn't forget any more meals).  Next week will be basically back to my regularly scheduled programming, although my new work schedule will mean a little less cooking.

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