Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's for Dinner? Aussie Edition 2.0

So this is more than just dinner, and it's a bit long since I just added all the meals I had pictures of in Australia.  Plus, when you're in the wrong hemisphere, wrong season, wrong time zone, any meal can be dinner. 

Dinner made by Amy, Tacos!  It's hard to make Mexican food in Australia!


Peking Duck at Shark Fin

Korean BBQ.  Always best to get culturally specific food with an expert.

Cold noodles at Korean BBQ.  They looked a bit strange, but they tasted good.

"Entrees" and drinks in South Bank.  Spring Rolls, Broccoli, and Duck Dumplings

Banana Bread made by Alyssa and I (twice!)

Fish and Chips during our day trip to Phillips Island.

Indian food at the Crown food Court.  Very good, but secondary to my more awesome Indian food with Terrence on Lt Bourke Street.

Dim Sum!

White Fish from a tapas Restaurant in CBD 

We basically ordered everything on here, so this was easier than all of the photos! :)

Truth in Blogging.  I ate this.

FYI Americans: THIS is what Large, Medium, and Small SHOULD be.

Pumpkin Soup along the Great Ocean Road.

Veggie Risotto in St Kilda's Beach.  One of my best meals of the trip!

Nobu: Sashimi Taco's (salmon, whitefish, crab, and lobster)

Nobu: Wagyu Gyoza

Nobu: Tenderloin Dobon Yaki

Don't like this sign.  Penguins should not be what's for dinner, ever!

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