Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

I chose this book because it won quite a few audiobook awards and I had no other leads for a good book at the moment.

I sometimes have issue when authors read their own books.  There are certainly a few advantages, for example you never have to wonder if the reader is accurately portraying the author's intent, but in my experience, readers are generally better are reading than writers.  Neil Gaiman did an amazing job.

I didn't immediately realize this was intended to be a children's book.  The story is that of a young boy who is adopted by the residents of an old cemetery after his family is killed.  It reminded me a little bit of Lois Lowry's book in style.

Because it was a children's book, it only lasted me one commute, but I'm considering checking out some of Gaiman's other works and a quick look at his Wikipedia entry tells me that could take quite some time. 

Also, in DESPERATE need of some book ideas.  My new commute means probably almost a book a week, so please suggest away.


  1. Just finished this two days ago and thought it was amazing:

  2. I have the audio book for "Ender's Game" and I'd be happy to loan that to you the next time I see you. I actually haven't listened to it yet, but I've read the book multiple times and it's amazing, and I've heard good things about the audio book. And if you like it, I have the even better sequel on audio book as well.