Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts

I am making a huge play for aunt of the year again this year.  I couldn't think of a better way to start than with AWESOME Valentine's Day mailboxes!  Sticker personalized for each of my favorite nieces/nephews.

Don't worry, they aren't just adorably cute, they are also stuffed full of awesome candy and souvenirs from Australia.

I don't know any Pirate,smiley face, Tinkerbell, animal, crocodile loving child that wouldn't vote for Aunt Amy!  Happy Valentine's Day, kids!


  1. Nice job!

    And I love that video Alyssa just posted of her Australia trip. Glad to see how much fun you guys had in moving pictures.

  2. I love these mailboxes! When my younger sister and I were in elementary school my mom got us similar ones and even though we shared a bedroom at that point in time we would use them to pass notes back and forth to one another - plus sometimes find random gifts from our parents inside :) I agree with you - I don't know of any child who would not give Aunt Amy their vote! Also love that you personalized them with stickers, very cute