Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gingerbread Cookies!

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to do more of my 'holiday stuff' this year.  Gavin and I made our Advent Wreath, but in the hustle of work and life, many of my intended holiday crafts and projects fell into the 'not important enough' list.  I was very proud of us for getting our Christmas cards completed and out early.

I was a little sad because the end of my collage class a few weeks ago technically meant the end of (or at least the winter recess of) Veggie Wednesday's with Alyssa.  But on Wednesday night, Alyssa was free, so she came to rescue my Christmas Spirit!

Alyssa is a baker.  Besides a red velvet cake here and there, I am not.  But she seemed confident enough that we could do it so we set out to make Ginger bread cookies!

Cookie Cutters?  Who needs those kinds of restrictions???

If you know Alyssa or I, you know that making a bunch of gingerbread men was out of the question so instead we ended up with...

Gingerbread vegetables, gingerbread wishbones, gingerbread dumbbells, gingerbread blueberries, gingerbread dolphin/sharks, gingerbread cards,

 Gingerbread mustaches, gingerbread sunglasses, gingerbread unicorns, gingerbread lassos, gingerbread monsters, gingerbread spectacles, etc...


Meeting Alyssa was certainly one of the highlights of 2010 (and there were lots of highlights this year!)  I'm so grateful to have someone nearby who's always ready for random adventures and craft time!  Thanks for awesome times, Alyssa!

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