Monday, November 29, 2010

Art Class: Collage

No, not a typo. I am, in fact studying collage.

collage (noun):
  • an artistic composition of various materials (such as paper, cloth or wood) glued on a surface.
My personal definition is much more colorful, I feel:
  • cutting stuff up and putting it back together; but better.
Except I think better is subjective...

During our ceramics class last semester, I met Alyssa. She's an awesome artist who had a similar motive for taking art classes at Saddleback. We decided to take jewelery making together this semester, however schedule prevented this awesomeness from happening. So while perusing the Saddleback Course catalog I came up Collage Class. Somehow I convinced Alyssa this would meet our requirements of arts and crafts. So far, so good.:

I'll keep you updated in case at some point I actually accomplish the course description goal of developing personal imagery.

Also, I fail at photographing art... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. My wife, the artist. Not bad for an engineer

  2. I don't like how you labeled this "Art, failures" I mean I did laugh but so not true. We should really be documenting our class more. Screen printing I will step it up and bring my camera more.

  3. Nice! I'm thinking of taking up scrapbooking myself, which requires collage work too!