Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's for Dinner?

A blog about what we had for dinner!

Monday: Chicken Strogunof. From Ikea 365 Dinner Ideas This was very good, but not a Strogunof in my opinion, primarily  because it didn't involve any type of noodles.  I also didn't like that it included cocktail onions.  I know it may seem logical that since I don't like cocktail onions, I would omit them, but I wanted to give them another shot.  You're taste buds change every seven years, right?  Well, not for me in regards to cocktail onions, so I picked around them.

Tuesday: Pasta with Tomatoes, arugula and Goat Cheese from ____Pasts book.  We were tired and lazy and hungry by the time we got finished voting so we ate out, but we still made the pasta for lunches.  It would have been better in non-leftover form, I think,  But then again, I did end up eating it 4 times, so maybe I was just sick of it.  Also, I don't really like Goat Cheese apparently

Wednesday: Leftovers Luckily my leftovers were vegetarian (see above) so Veggie Wednesday was preserved even with Alyssa being sick.

Thursday: Mongolian BBQ We found this place a bit before the wedding and have eaten there several times.  It's a really great little restaurant and the people are great.

Friday: Pot Roast We had a little communication error regarding the cooking instructions,but Gavin did a great job.  I love Pot Roast in fall and it's great for Gavin since his favorite step in cooking is chopping that's basically the only step!

Saturday: Leftovers   Gavin was gone doing commentary so I had pot roast again! :)

Sunday: Sushi Zone Omikasa menu During football season our favorite sushi place does an omikasa menu with 4 kinds of sushi, stuffed squid, poke salad and 2 special rolls.  My favorite thing about football season actually!

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