Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's for Dinner?

A blog about what we had for dinner!  If you want to see our cookbooks, I added a link at the top of the blog.

Monday: Meatballs in mustard sauce with boiled potatoes. Ikea 365 Dinner Ideas Cook Book 
I was expecting these to be not nearly as good as the awesome meatballs we made a few weeks ago, but actually I was really impressed.  I didn't have the required spicy mustard so I used yellow mustard and horseradish.  I also didn't realize I was suppose to cut up the pickles, so I just had them on the side.  I don't each much meat lately, but I adore meatballs!

Tuesday: Chicken and Biscuits:  Slow Cooker recipes.
We liked this recipe last time, so made it again.When I got home, after a long day, I wasn't in the mood to stay in, so my super husband took me to Casa Ranchero for some awesome Mexican food and margaritas. Still made great leftovers.

Wednesday: Veggie Dinner Jalepano and potato frittata and corn soup. The Veggie Cookbook and Williams Sonoma Newlywed cookbook 
Not the most successful dinner we've ever had, but it made an AMAZING breakfast for leftovers!!  We also missed Alyssa.

Thursday: Would be girls night: Greek food instead  
The best laid plans don't always work out!  I had intended to go to girls night, but life got in the way so Gavin and I stopped at a little Greek resturant in Escondidio.  I had falafal that wasn't half as good as the one Alyssa made me last week (but still good) and Gavin had a gyro.

Friday: Video game Coma.
Sometimes you just need a night off.  Friday was mine.  I had leftovers, fast food, red bull and fallout until I died one too many times!

Saturday: A Night in!  Hot Dogs
Turns out I still don't really like hot dog despite my enthusiasm for them while camping recently. 
Sunday:  Meatballs in red pepper sauce Newlywed cookbook
More meatballs!!!  I couldn't help myself!

I still love this recipe.  This photo is Gavin's 'tv dinner'.  Gavin was playing the Sundays so I stole a play from Nathalie's play book and served him dinner at his computer on this awesome tray we got in London a few years ago.   

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