Thursday, November 25, 2010


A.    Amy.  Yep, I’m grateful for me.  I’m grateful for who I am and who I am becoming.

B.    Bubble Baths.  I’m grateful for the ability to relax in an awesome bathtub will a million little bubbles to cheer me up.

C.    Cuddle blankets-  Enough said.
D.    Droooid- Don’t tell Gavin, but I’m grateful for the droid.  I’m grateful I have a phone for work, to keep in touch, to listen to the radio, to play games with friends.  Yep.  I like my Droid.

E.    Elephants- I’m grateful for my education (CSUF=Titans, Titans = Elephant, E not used yet, just go with it).  I’m glad I live in a society where I was able to get an education and can continue to learn and take classes. (I realize Education would have been an easier, albeit less exciting word for this)

F.    My Friends.  I am lucky to have friends who I can call in the middle of the night to say, ‘I’m not crazy, right?’,  or to spend a full day wandering around Ikea with or just sharing life with.

G.    God.  I’m not sure where the best place to find God is yet, and I am not sure when I ever will.  But I’m can’t deny that He has helped me, and I’m grateful.

H.    My husband.  I can’t imagine a more perfect fit for me.  He has proven so many times that he is exactly what I need.

I.    My In-laws.  In addition to finding an awesome person to share my life with, I got the added bonus of a family who loves and cares for me.  I am so grateful for the friendship, support and love I’ve found in them

J.    My Job-  I don’t always love my job, but I’m grateful for it. I’m grateful that I have a meaningful and useful way to use my skills to contribute to the world.  I’m grateful the world is willing to pay me for my contribution.

K.    Kids-  I’m grateful for children.  I’m grateful for their enthusiasm about everything.  Especially my nieces and nephews.

L.    Library-  I’m grateful for the library where I can check out audio books to keep me safe and sane while driving

M.    Music-  I’m grateful to have access to music that can cheer me up, comfort me, or make me dance.

N.    Nights at home.

O.    The Ocean-  I’m grateful for the beautiful view Gavin and I discovered a few weeks ago.

P.    The Present-  I’m grateful for Now.  Even when now isn’t exactly as I wish it were, I’m grateful that I’m alive and healthy and have so many things to be grateful for.

Q.    Quiblar-  I’m grateful for the little nightlight I bought last weekend to cheer me up.  I’m grateful that a 7 dollar toy from Ikea can cheer me up.

R.    Roberts-  I’m grateful for Family.

S.    Sundays-  I’m grateful for a day to catch up and hang out.

T.    Tomorrow-  I’m grateful for the future.  Whatever it holds, I’m grateful I have tomorrow to plan for, look forward to and experience.

U.    The Unexpected-  I’m (usually) grateful for the unexpected.  A letter in the mail, a note or candy in my lunchbox, a rain day in the middle of a hectic week.  I’m grateful life isn’t too predictable.

V.    Video Games-  I’m grateful for a form of entertainment where I can be a famous singer, an assassin, a hero, god, or a Sim.

W.    Whiteboard-   We have a whiteboard in our kitchen with our weekly menu on it.  The whiteboard is great, but really I’m grateful for a husband who is willing to shop, cook and clean with me so we can eat fresh healthy food at home.

X.    Et cetera-  Everything else, my healthy, my car, my safety equipment at work, our house, love, sunsets, Halloween, change, memories, photographs, art, shadows, freeways, email, perception, soda maker…

Y.    Yesterday-  I’m grateful for the past. I’m grateful for it’s role in getting me to where I am today and for teaching me what I needed to learn

Z.    Our Zoo.  I am so happy to have our beasties around to cheer me up and cuddle and run around like crazy to make us laugh

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