Friday, December 10, 2010

Memory Lane: Diego.

After reading Nathalie's blog about Lizzie, it made me think about our first Dog, Diego.

Gavin had Diego when we meet.  He was the weirdest looking alien dog I'd ever seen... but we haven't gotten to the part of the story where I've seen him yet! 

Gavin planned our first date.  Gavin was still traveling but with the use of yelp/google/friends he devised an evening together of Greek food at a little resturant in Orange and Improv at a commedy club in Fullerton.  We had a great time.  Afterwards, I was dropping him off at his RV and he invitied me in.  I declined. 

"But... you have to come meet my puppy!"

Clever.  We see what you did there!  Much like Gavin, Diego stole my heart.  He also stole Gucci's bed.

A few months later, Gavin drove to visit me and Diego got to meet Gucci for the first time.  She never slept in the pink bed again, but really she loved Diego and after setting some ground rules, they got along wonderfully!  He would steal all of her toys from around my apartment, but them in her bed and lay on top of them.  She'd hiss, snarl, and eventually give up and make friends. 

 When Gavin decided to move to California, it meant a road trip.  Diego spent the entire ride curled up in my lap sleeping.  (Except for the few miles Gavin made me drive in which I got a speeding ticket!)

Diego was a great pet.  Gavin had taken a firm 'no training' approach with him, but he was still so sweet and loving.  Diego passed away in 2007, but I am so grateful that he was such a part of our early relationship and lives.

We miss you buddy!

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