Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's for Dinner? #21

A blog about what we had for dinner!  If you want to see our cookbooks, check out the cookbook shelf link at the top my the blog

Monday: Sloppy Joes: Slow Cooker Recipes  
I seriously have the best husband ever.  He took the time to make this and put it in the crock pot so when I got home from work tired and cranky and hungry there would be food ready! What a sweetie!  Next time, however, we are going to use the recipes one of our moms used when we were growing up instead. 

Tuesday: Snickers and Milk
I had some salad earlier on in the evening and some left over chili, but I had a terrible day so I mostly just snacked.  I eventually came upon the above mentioned snack which is clearly the best snack ever.

Veggie Wednesday: Kids Quesadilla meal from Baja Fresh  
Did you know these things come with juice boxes?? And apple sauce.  And they let me order one!  Amazing.

Thursday:  Baked Potato
Gavin wasn't home on Thursday so I decided it was best to go easy.

Friday: Fig Bread and Salad Alyssa
Alyssa invited us over for dinner on Friday and made the same awesome cheese/onion/fig bread thing she made for us last week.

Saturday: Pizza Fondue: Slow Cooker Cookbook   
Saturday we had friends over for an awesome night I'll probably blog about later and Gavin and I made Pizza Fondue. Somehow, I missed getting a picture of it! It came out pretty good.
Sunday: Potluck with Cheryl
Tonight we are going to visit my sister for a potluck. Not sure what we'll have, but we're bringing fruits and veggies!

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