Sunday, January 8, 2012


Thanks to Christmas we all had some new toys!

Gavin saw this game at Target a few weeks ago and got a child like twinkle in his eye.  It's a fun cooperative game and we had a great time with it.

We tried playing A Game of Thrones when we went to Palm Springs last week, but it was WAY too complicated to learn in a hotel room after a glass of wine!

The ping pong set up was a gift from my parents and it's fantastic!  Second best use of a kitchen island.

Gucci got stuffed shrimp.

Penny got an entire Farm of animals from Lisa and Chris.  Can we say spoiled?  Our animals aren't sure they aren't a bed.  If they are all together, I can almost guarantee an animal will be asleep atop them.

We can always use a few fun distractions around the house!  Thank you Christmas.

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