Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Give in, give up, or give back?

So I'm in a rut.  I didn't make it, I didn't chose to be put in it, but here I am and I think the only choice left is what to do about it.

And I want out.  So I need to do things.  I have some plans to try some classes, read some books, paint some paintings, watch some movies, but I think one of the best ways out is giving back.  So I'm on a hunt for a charity that needs a volunteer.

I have some restrictions, like I work full time.  But I also have a lot of positive attributes.  I'm a licensed civil engineer, I'm a hard worker, I can make an excel sheet like no body's business, and I don't mind picking up dog poop if that's what needs done.  So if you know of some place I might fit in, please pass the information along.  


  1. Volunteer at a pet shelter! You're so good with animals, and they always need some extra attention. I'd be happy to go with you...

  2. I'm a little worried I'll end up with twenty some animals running around my house! I looked into shelters and most (all) seem to need a year long commitment... little worried about that part.