Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Juice Diaries

Gavin got a juicer for Christmas.  He watched a movie and was set on the benefits of juice.

Enter Juice Diet.

Today was day 1.

I apologize in advance for the pictures.  My camera, like me, was out of batteries.

This is all of the required fruits and veggies for two days.  TWO.
One 'meal'
Juice Master himself
Breakfast juice cast offs

Lunch castoffs

Final Product: Breakfast
The rest of our meals for the day

Gavin's conclusion was that it was a lot harder than he was anticipating.  It was exactly as hard as I was anticipating!  Fruit is expensive.  And our kitchen looked a bit like a food fight had happened.  For me, as soon as I can't have something, I want it three times as much.  It was so bad that even the food in Skyrim looked tasty!

The juice is satisfying, so it's not that I was hungry exactly.  More that I wanted to eat things!  My favorite juice, not surprisingly, was strawberry banana.  My least favorite was something involved parsley, kale, ginger and carrots.

I'll try to post some of the recipes, but I have to convince Gavin to give them up first!

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