Monday, October 25, 2010

Chris and Lisa's Nuptial Celebration

Last week, Gavin and I had the opportunity to attend the party in honor of the wedding of Dr. Lisa and Chris.  A Picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a seventeen thousand word summary:



Congrats guys!

**On a side note, I got to spend some time talking to a photography enthusiast who gave me some awesome tips I'm looking forward to using.  I also am really wanting some new photog toys (equipment), notably some filters, a wide angle lens, a tripod and a remote.  The wide angle lens seems the most fun and I often see shots I'd love to catch, but the idea of switching lenses to get them is a bit daunting.  In the end I suspect the most use will come from either a UV filer or the remote/tripod as I'm pretty intersted in exploring long exposures.  I should probably start learning some better photo software as well.  I'm not very happy with ACDSee for anything other than image catalouging (and even that is so so).

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  1. maybe a photography class next semester? I could sure use one of those.