Monday, October 4, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

Everyone Deserves a Healthy Pair
Breast Cancer Charity Tournament Hosts

October is breast cancer awareness month. Gavin and I have participated in a few breast cancer fundraisers and charities including participating in the Avon Walk twice. We were very excited when we were invited to a Charity Tournament for the Susan G Komen 3 day last weekend.

These feet can change the world!

I'll admit, they are braver than we are. 40 miles is a long way to walk... While numerically it may not make sense, I suspect that 60 miles is more than twice 40 miles when you're at mile 39!!

I've posted a few pictures highlights from the evening, including Dr. Hope and Lady GaGa, but I really need to sort out flicker so I can share pictures more readily. Good luck team at the Komen San Diego Walk! Thanks for a great evening!

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