Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Books Books Books Books

I haven't been blogging about reading much, but I have been reading quite a bit lately.

Most notably, I recently finished the incomplete series A Song of Ice and Fire by R. R Martin.

I hated it.
Not really.  But I'm pretty sure I don't like R.R. Martin much.  The series is 7 books long.  Four have been published.  The last one was published in 2005 and he said he planed to release a book 'next year'.  Five years later and all I get is the promise of an HBO series.  Huff.  That said, when the series is complete, read it.  It's a fun series.

Next I read Whispers by Dean Koontz and The Killing Floor by Lee Child.

Gavin really liked Killing Floor but it was a bit violent for me.  Gavin thought this was funny since A Song of Ice and Fire isn't exactly non violent, but I still liked the book.  Whispers was pretty much like all of Dean Koontz' books, but the formula works and I keep reading his books!

Currently I'm reading The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman.
I admit I was a bit apprehensive and have had the book for months without reading it.  (I'm not sure but I think I might have got it after reading The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, although I can't imagine I'd have done it if he recommended it).  Living through the invention of the internet and the world wide web was interesting, and history seems more relevant when you can remember how it changed your own life.
I'm always accepting more suggestions!  Thanks to everyone who has sent them in the past!

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    Best comic ever. I've read it three or four times.