Saturday, January 26, 2013

Colin's first Trip to LA and first Museum!

Dr Lisa and Chris invited us up to Malibu for a dinner party.  Gavin and I were a little hesitant to brave LA traffic on a Friday night, so we decided to break the trip up by spending the day at the Getty Museum.

I didn't know anything about the Getty other than that it was an art museum on the way to Dr. Lisa's house.   I was pleasantly surprised to find out admission is free (parking is $15.00).

Unfortuantly it's been raining for the last few days, so we weren't able to explore the gardens and patios, but the Getty was amazing!  Despite my art classes, I'm not expert in art, painting or otherwise.  Still, we had a fantastic time wandering through the exhibits and just looking.  I could spend several days (probably not in a row) looking at everything and I'm sure someone with more knowledge and interest could spend significantly longer.  There were a few paintings that really stood out to me.


I can't really tell you why, and I'm sure my thoughts would only further prove my lack of knowledge, so I'll omit them.  I did share them with Colin, but don't worry, I figure his early introduction to art by our trip will outweigh any negative affect of my art ramblings!
Daddy on the Tram
Mommy and Colin in the Rain

Stairs: A challenge like never before...

We had a lovely time.

Afterwards, we went to Lisa and Chris' for dinner.  We had a wonderful dinner, although I neglected to take any photos.  We are still getting used to being out and about with Colin and he occupies most of our time and energy during any outing.  He was very well behaved and quite popular, as always!

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