Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happily Every After year.

Happy new year!  Colin's Birth made last year seem like a fairy tale and 2010 was certainly our Once Upon a Time Year starting with our magical Wedding ceremony.  I'm naming this year "Happily Every After year."  Because this is the magical part of the story I've been dreaming about and hoping for.  I want to remind myself to enjoy every single moment of it.

And so far I'm off to a great start. We started off the year with a minor mistake of deciding to stay up until Midnight.  We watched a movie as Colin slept peacefully next to us, it was wonderful.  Until the next morning.  Oh well, lesson learned!

For my birthday, we left Colin with grandma and had appetizers at Opah, a fish place in Aliso Viejo.  We'd never been before, but we had fun.  I asked Gavin if we could sit at the bar, since being parents now it seemed like something we wouldn't get to do very often.  Halfway through our appetizers, I became annoyed with the incredibly drunk people sitting around us.  Have drunk people always been so annoying or am I just out of the bar phase of my life?  I pointed out to Gavin once that caring for an infant is a little like caring for a super drunk person.  I'll take the infant any day!  We spent most of the time talking and thinking about Colin, but it was a great little outing.
Happy birthday, mom!

Although the new year started almost two weeks ago, this week is likely to be when I start my new years goals.  I just had my postpartum doctors appointment and am working on settling into a new routine.  I'm excited to get to work on my goals and projects for the new year.  I knew December would be busy, so I created my 2013 mind map and goals list in October and finished it NYE.  Even though I was extremely pregnant when I made it, it's amazing the difference when I revisited it.  You can blame this guy:

I've also had a few loops thrown in from outside of our family that I need to adjust for.  Assuming our little miracle cooperates, I'll finish up my mind map and plans this afternoon.  Maybe I'll post something about them.  Although at my current rate, it could be a few weeks!

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