Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's for dinner?

A blog about what we had for dinner!  If you want to see our cookbooks, check out the cookbook shelf link at the top my the blog.

Monday:   Steak Sandwiches and rosemary potatoes, Our own Creation

We decided to abandon are seldom used extra refrigerator so we had to make room for our wedding cake in our primary freezer. We decided to defrost some steak and make sandwiches!  They came out great!  I made a quick gravy after Gavin cooked the meat.  Delicious!

Tuesday:Trader Joe's Tacos & Buffalo Wild Wings

My sister came up Tuesday and had to have Buffalo Wild Wings, but I had already defrosted some ground turkey so made the taco's anyway.  I used Trader Joe seasonings which I had never had before.  They were good, but it suggested half the packet, I used the entire packet and still felt it could use a little bit more.

Wednesday: Hunger Strike 

I actually wrote an entire post about this, but don't know what happened to it.  I think my Droid Blogger App ate it.  Anyway.  40 hour fast meant no dinner Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday:  Hunger Strike 2.0

Friday: Take Out Sushi from Wasabi, Palm Springs Ca

Gavin came to visit me and since we had dog face with us, we couldn't really go anywhere.  Plus, I had a ton of work so Gavin just brought this meat-free dinner to me!  I probably wouldn't go back to this place, but the food was fine.

Saturday:Outback Steakhouse

Somehow, my project was running on time enough that I was able to sneak home Saturday night so my animals wouldn't forget who I was!  Gavin and I went to Outback. It brought back memories.  We used to go to outback all the time after ceramics class covered in clay and craving a blooming onion.  No clay covered clothing or deep friend onions this trip, though!

Sunday: Not Sure

I'm back in Palm Springs, so no idea what, if anything, I'll eat for dinner.  I have a short lull in work, but things are going to get hectic tonight.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Steve and I also tried a packaged taco seasoning once and felt that it really lacked flavour...

    Good luck with work!