Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's for dinner?

A blog about what we had for dinner!  If you want to see our cookbooks, check out the cookbook shelf link at the top my the blog

This week is painfully short on pictures (it was a difficult week in the Griffin household) so I've here's a picture of our current 'spring' table!

The centerpiece is filled with these little balls Alyssa and I bought at the dollar store.  You soak them in water and they grow something like 50x their original size.  I couldn't think of anything to do with them, so they've just saw in our kitchen since we made them until I thought of this!  I'm quite happy with how it came out although the candle doesn't like to sit straight.

Monday:   Portillo's with my parents and Gavin

The only location in California is located not too far away in Buena Park.  Worth the drive, even in traffic.

Tuesday: Cheesecake Factory

I had the salmon carpaccio and a steak.  And no cheesecake. 

Wednesday:Mom's Potato Soup

My mom cooked us some food and left it in the freezer so I thawed it out.  I forgot to take a picture, but don't think it would have photographed well anyway.

Thursday:  Spaghetti-O's

Thursday I had a terribly crap day.  I didn't want to spoil my 'no missed dinners' streak so this is what I came up with.  For your sake, no photo.

Friday: Del Taco

Gavin and I drove out to Vegas Friday so stopped at the World's Best Del Taco in Lenwood, CA.  Love that place.  Need to remember NOT to buy taco's there.  I hate the meat at Del Taco and that's typically not a problem since they put less than a tablespoon in each Taco.  Not so here...

Saturday: Rosemary's, Las Vegas, NV

A math house favorite!  We took Gavin's sister and brother-in-law as a Christmas gift.  I had the twice baked souffle, tar-tare, and lamb.  I forgot to photograph it.  I"m a little off my game at the moment!

Sunday: Whatever I can find in the kitchen  

No set plans for dinner, probably some cheese and crackers and whatever else I can find around our kitchen!  (Don't worry, I ate a ton of other food today, the last few days my appetite has been surprisingly strong) 

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