Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lent Update

I gave up sleep for Lent. Okay, not really, I wrote about my lent intentions here. Every week I'm going to post my progress.

The general idea is I'm not taking anything to help me sleep or help me stay awake. So far, so good.
The commute is tough. Waking up at 4:30 to drive two hours with no caffeine isn't exactly fun. As it turns out, the caffeine wasn’t helping much anyway. I still have to wake up, still have to drive 2 hours. I don’t feel particularly worse for not having a diet coke as a copilot.

I am sleeping better. Better, but not great. Last night I slept terribly, so there’s at least one bad night! I don’t have trouble falling asleep in general. It’s not surprising, I suppose, that without caffeine I know when I’m tired and fall into natural sleep easier. I thought my worrisome mind would put up more of a fight, especially without the distracting lights and sounds of rain forests accompanied by Sir Attenborough.

I’m learning and thinking a lot and that’s the real point. Maybe by next week I’ll have some grand discovery to share with you!

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