Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Caffeine Day 2.

I'm just about half way through day 2 of no caffeine.  So far there have been four distinct times I REALLY wanted to grab a redbull/soda/etc.  Mostly, I'm realizing, it's habit more than anything else.  I open the garage door to go to work and it's dark outside, so I detour by the soda fridge.... etc.

Last night I slept peacefully for almost 6 hours.  Pretty amazing results so far if they hold up.  It could just be that without the caffeine crutch, my natural energy and my normal energy demand aren't equally matched.  A pleasant side effect is that I'm instantly drinking more water.  This has to be good for me as I'm currently spending much of my life in the middle of the desert. 

I missed Planet Earth a bit last night as I was in a boring hotel room with absolutely nothing to do.

 Don't worry, baby penguins, we are 3.75% of the way until we meet again!! 

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