Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's for dinner?

A blog about what we had for dinner!  If you want to see our cookbooks, check out the cookbook shelf link at the top my the blog.

As I warned last week, I wasn't thinking I had a chance at any culinary awards this week... I mean, look at my groceries for the week:

Not exactly stellar, right?  Not to mention I drove over 1000 miles this week!  Well, won't you be surprised when you get to Friday, then!  Still... overall, not an impressive week. 

Monday:   KFC

Hey!  Stop making that face, I'm the one who had to eat it!

Tuesday: Skipped Dinner

You would have to if you ate KFC the previous night!

Wednesday: Bratwurst with wasabi mayonnaise 

 My Chicago born and raised husband was more than a little disdainful of my use of mayonnaise, but it's my dinner, I'll add calories if I want too!  Apparently it is correct to drink bear with brats, so that is a Pete's Wicked Ale and by far the darkest beer I've ever drank.  Not bad.  Overall, a good meal.  Mostly because it was the first of the week I spent with my husband.

Thursday:  Meatball Sub

Gavin was working and all I had was leftover meatballs defrosted from a few weeks ago, then I realized I had hot dog buns!  I was really impressed with my little concoction!  Of course, it was the meatballs in red pepper sauce recipe which is pretty much the best to being with.

Friday: Date Night!  Cheese Fondue, edamame and orange salad with soy vinaigrette, William Sonoma Healthful Cooking

And then Friday, I cooked! Like I really cooked!  Gavin had a softball game so I decided to surprise him with a romantic meal.

Pretty romantic if you ask me...

The salad was relatively easy (for a William Sonoma recipe at least!) and very refreshing.  The cheese fondue was relatively simple: milk, flour, Jarlsberg Cheese and dry white wine (Cupcake Chardonnay)  I decided to keep it simple and serve with fresh french bread and sliced apples.

I was pretty proud of my impromptu salad presentation:

I love romantic nights at home.

Saturday: Japanese Grill with Lisa and Chris

Saturday we braved LA traffic to check out the travel show with Jen and meet up with Lisa and Chris in Sherman Oaks after.  It was a cute little Japanese Grill whose name escapes me at the moment.  It was Korean BBQ style cooking which was new to me in a Japanese restaurant but reasonably priced and good. Between traffic and the general populous, I still contend that I dislike LA.

Sunday: Selma's Chicago Pizza

Today, something about the rain made Gavin and I really want deep dish Chicago Style Pizza.  So Selma's!  Love their pizza and had a Orange Wheat and Framboise beer.  Not a bad way to end a rough week.

Next week is looking to be a tough week as well, especially with this weather. 

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  1. Was the Japanese place Gyu Kaku?

    I went to the one on La Cienega for the first time a couple weeks ago. I know it's a chain restaurant, and what you described sounds like the same place.

    Miss you :-(