Sunday, April 3, 2011

Movie Date 3 of 6.

So you may or may not notice that today is in April.  I owed Gavin a movie date once a month until June, but sadly, March just got away from us.  I couldn't find a time machine, so the best I could do was today. 

Gavin and I won a Regal gift card at the charity auction we attended in San Juan last month, so we decided to use it.  Our favorite Peruvian Restaurant, Inka Mama's,(okay, it's the only Peruvian restaurant I've ever been too) is located right next to a Regal theater, so we decided to go eat some lettuce Salsa.  I'm sure it has another name, but they have this fantastic sauce there that is made using lettuce, so I call it lettuce Salsa.  It's terribly addicting.  Once when we went with Sara, we used an entire bottle for three people.

Then we went and saw Sucker PunchSucker Punch is a movie about a girl who is in a mental hospital.  I think.  On second thought, it's a movie about hot girls wearing not very much clothing and fighting.... something.  Not entirely sure what.  The movie was terrible.  Really terrible.  I can't count the number of times I looked around the theater for something more entertaining to look at.  At one point, I was actually trying to time a (unnecessary) trip to the bathroom around one of the "action" scenes.  Really, the movie was that bad.

So I'm even forgoing the picture of the movie poster (no need to draw more attention than necessary to this fiasco of a film.  At least my date was good looking. :)

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