Sunday, March 1, 2015

9 Months!

Alex is 3/4 of a year old! I'm a tad late posting, but since he was born on the 29th, his 9 month birthday doesn't actually exist!

Height/Weight: Tiny baby is growing, but a tad slowly still.  17lb 10oz (16h percentile) and 27 in (6th!)

Clothing Size: Alex wears nine months.  My life is currently a disaster area of outgrown baby clothes.  No long term solution in sight. 

Diaper Size: 3

Eating: Eats great!  We have moved to mostly table foods mushed up and he loves them!  He doesn't do great at nursing and isn't super into formula, but we are doing our best!

Sleeping: Sleeps great! 7 pm bedtime, usually up at 6, sometimes one wake up other than that.  He naps once in the morning once in the afternoon, but does way better than he should when we disrupt his schedule, which we end up having to do way more that we would like.

New Skills: Cruising!  This little guy is on the move.  He crawls like crazy and pulls himself up everywhere to look around and cruise.  Life is going to get way crazier around here!
I can reach my name on the wall now! Letters will never be straight again!!

My sweet baby, your happy disposition and determination amaze me every day.  You are such a joyful presence in our family and I love watching you grow!

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