Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blinks: A story from his head.

We read to the boys every night before bed and sometimes throughout the day.  I try very hard to never say no when Colin asks me to read to him.  One day, I had a terrible headache and was laying on the sofa in the playroom when he asked me to read to him.  I asked him if it was okay I told him a story from my head instead.  He climbed up in my lap and I made up a story about some bugs.

Colin now loves stories from my head.

Often before books at night time, he'll turn around and loving touch my head and say "I want to hear a story from your head."  So far, his favorite stories are about bugs, 'truction' equipment, farmers, princesses and lately I've thrown in a few classic myths.  When Grandma came he asked her for stories from her head as well.  (I think he asks daddy as well, but I don't know that he's ever told him one.).  

The other day after dinner we were sitting at the table while daddy took a break and Colin told me the very first story from his head.

"Once upon a time, Grandma got dressed up! She got dressed up in green and went in her car. Then she found an egg.  The egg was white, no a green egg.  She open it. What was in it?  Surprise! Cowboy!"

"Another grandma story from my head!"

The story didn't proceed exactly like that, there was lots of questions from mommy along the way, but still, it was amazing.  He's imagining and creating and sharing.  

This kid amazes me every day.  

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