Monday, March 9, 2015

Disneyland Trips 3 & 4

We've returned to Disneyland!

Our third trip was with Grandma when she was visiting for her birthday.  Since she hadn't been back yet, we started with California Adventure.

We rode Colin's so far favorite ride: Ariel's underwater adventure first.  We also visited the bread factory, went on the Underwater Merry Go Around and our big hit for the day: The Mariachi Divas.   As usual, Colin LOVED the music and especially the instruments.  He even did a little dance!

Watching the show (pre dance)

We headed over to Disneyland where we rode It's a Small World for the first time!

The final activity was the parade.

Our Fourth trip to Disneyland was last week.  It was an absolutely gorgesous day (85, sunny, and clear) and so we made a last minute decision to make it a Disney day! (Colin had been asking all week).

We went to Disneyland and were pleasantly surprsied with how empty it was.  We took pictures with the fire truck and then rode pirates.

We rode the Jungle Cruise, Buzz Light Year, the Submarines, and the teacups for the first time today!  Colin said his favorite was either Pirates or the Jungle.  Alex was absolutely in love with the Submarines.

We had a quick lunch at Pizza Port and tried to get home for nap.  Unfortuantely Alex fell asleep in the car so our schedule was pretty skewed for the rest of the day.

I love being able to explore the park in pieces and I'm sure by the end of year, we'll have seen everything!

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