Friday, February 20, 2015

Disneyland, again!

Since we got our Disneyland passes we hadn't been back.  Alex wasn't immunized against meales yet, and while the risk at Disneyland is probably similiar to any other public gathering place, the guilt/benefit ratio just didn't work out to go until we were able to get an MMR booster for him.

So after that, we took a second quick trip!

Flat Stanly got to come with us, but he waited in the car.

We parkdi n a weird place and had to take a bus, but Colin kind of liked it, And when we left we were able to use the bus as our 'last ride.'

We went to California Adventure.  And despite his face, he liked the trolly!  His monster puppet also got to come along!  There was anotehr trolly wiht a singing troupe in it and Colin REALLY wanted to go in that one with Mickey.

There were a few BIG hits though.

The first was the entry show.  There were insturment men!  Colin was so excited.  And he participated!! He was by far the littest guy, but he did awesome.  My little star!

We also rode the Chew Chew Train (mom wasn't a big fan of the smells...), the rocket ride, and our favorite of the trip "Ariel."  It was so fun to watch Colin and Alex just soak up the colors and music on the ride.  I'm pretty sure he would have been happy to ride it over and over again!

It's kind of nice doing Disneyland a few rides at a time.  Can't wait until next time!

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