Thursday, February 19, 2015

"These socks are my puppet friends!"

At my MOPS meeting there was a woman talking about playing with our kids.  We love playing at our house and we are always looking for new ways to play.  The one I was most excited about from her talk was sock puppets!

We've talked about buying puppets in the past and have a few finger puppets, but I thought it sounded fun.

We made a puppet!

He was... disappointing.

But I had a plan!  I know just who to call to spiff up my crafting, Alyssa!

So we tackeld sock puppets again.

WAY Better!

They were a huge hit with Colin.

He had so much fun imaging with his puppet.  The downside is that he now tends to think all unpaired socks are puppets!

Thank you Alyssa!

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