Monday, September 22, 2014

Moms Blinks: Perfeclty Normal Day with my babies

Today was mostly a normal day, at least as normal as days are around here. Because of Gavin's and my weird work schedules, normal is a bit of misnomer.

I worked a half day from home, Gavin went into work, Colin had a field trip for his preschool (more on that later!)

But it was an awesome day for me.  I got to spend a good amount of time with the boys, both together and individually.  I got all of my necessary work done.  I even had a little bit of down time.

There weren't any moments today that stole the show, it was more like a series of really good moments.  Colin asking for pie for breakfast. Alex smiling at me from his swing while I made coffee, interacting with Colin and his friends at his field trip, feeding Alex, putting the boys down for their nap.  Alex slept during Colin's dinner so we had some mommy and Colin time making dinner (twice actually because Colin didn't end up like the eggs...) Because he had a late nap, Alex was awake after Colin went down and we cuddled and he giggled for me.

Today had it's difficult moments, there were a few minor tantrums, and even a minor injury, but it was still exactly the type of day I need to remember when I'm trying to find that balance of work/me/family time, and when I'm struggling through one of those certainly NOT perfect days.  Because these days are fleeting and there are only so many of them to be had.  

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