Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ladera Learners

A few months ago, a mom in my Ladera group suggested starting a homeschool preschool program.  This idea fit perfectly in one of my and Gaivn's concerns for Colin.  We love that we are home with the boys, but we realize that Colin's getting to an age where he needs to be learning to interact with his peers on a more regular basis.  We talked briefly about sending him to preschool or some type of day program, but we aren't ready.  The idea of a homeschool environment seemed like a great solution!

We started meeting and formed a group of 8.  The Lil Ladera Learners.  After meeting a few times, I realized there were several other huge benefits to the group.  One of the major ones is exposing to Colin to the types of activities that I wouldn't think of or wouldn't have interest in doing.  Another is the idea of a better division of labor.  Gavin and I often prepare activites for Colin, but it's pretty annoying to spend an hour getting an activity ready that he spends 3 minutes on.  With a group, it's about the same amount of work, but more opportunity for it to be enjoyed.  Also, I've noticed that in a group, Colin seems to spend more time because he sees the other kids participating.

During our first week, Colin did way better than I was anticipating.  It's not that I thought he would be horrible, I was just concerned that the entire thing might be a little bit over his head.  It wasn't.  All of the kids seemed a little cautious at first.  The younger group, which has been Colin and two little girls, more than the older group.  Colin also participated really well in all of the activities.  He sat at the table and ate his snack.  He listened to the stories, he stacked blocks, painted, did puzzles and sang.  He 'shared' all of his blocks with one of his tablemates.

First moments of 'school'

First Classrom

Next generation Ladera Learners?

Did I mention we got T shirts? Cute!!

School Friends

Circle Time Board

Trying to stay clean and dry!

I am really excited about this opportunity.  I think it will amazing to watch Colin grow and learn with a group of kids his age.  I am so grateful that Gavin and I have the opportunity to be a part of this group.

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