Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mom's blinks: It isn't always roses.

Yesterday my poor baby (Alex) puked up everything he ate.  He was doing better, so we went to dinner for Grandpa's birthday and after nursing for not long at all, he puked up everything he had eaten and more all over me, the table, the floor, himself...

Daddy is traveling, and grandma and grandpa were with us for two nights.  After they left, mommy decided it would be best for us (Mommy, toddler, baby) to go to church together.  Colin kept hollering "Something different, home!" Once, after mommy whispered in his ear 'we are praying now' he shouted "No more prayer!"  He then begged over and over again to 'visit Mary' (who told him the statue outside was Mary??).  Meanwhile; baby, who had a major blow out on the way to church (it's like two miles dude, serioulsy??) refused to sleep, despite being super tired and instead just fussed and cried. Mommy tried to juggle both cranky children and debated in her head a million times if she should just leave.

I balanced my babies, as best as I could, while listening and participating as much as I could. I prayed with them when they were quiet and for them when they were not. I bounced, juggled and cajoled, Amazingly, I heard most of the readings and homily. Miracously, we all survived.  And instead of the admonishment I was expecting when I turned around to greet the people behind me, I was met with grace, a compliment that I was doing a great job and a reminder that there presence was important.  (She said something beautiful, and looked as though she would have said more, but alas, Colin started to take off and and I had my hands full again).

As soon as the priest announced that mass was over, and we should go in peace, my trio of chaos slipped out in as much peace as we could muster.  Colin immediately darted to the statue of Mary and found the roses.  I took a second to soothe the baby and Colin found out that roses have thorns... (no blood, but he was a bit upset)

So perhaps my title is wrong.  It is always roese, just not always the flowers.   It felt like the longest few hours, but even now, only a few hours later, with my back still aching and my headache only recently subsided, I already appreciate that these really are the moments I'll treasure forever.

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