Friday, September 26, 2014

Ladera Learners First Field Trip: Mission Viejo Library

So I am really loving our preschool setting for Colin.  This week we had our first field trip!

We headed to the Mission Viejo library. We met in the grass out front for snacks and to get some energy out.

 The boys especially seemed to need to burn off some energy!

Colin made a new friend, too!

 Inside, the kids did fantastic!  We didn't realize it was story time day and there were A LOT of kids around, but our group did great.  They sat down and colored together for a while.  Then some of the kids read while others played in the kids part of the library. I really loved getting to interact with all of the kids in a new setting.  It was also awesome having the kids in matching shirts because it was super easy to tell which kids were in our group and keep an eye on everyone.  Many of the moms (myself included) were amazed to see our balls of energy sit down and focus on an activity.  I attribute this to the power of a group setting.

Yay for Pre-preschool!

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  1. Was Miss Allison the story time librarian? She's one of my friends!