Thursday, September 18, 2014


It took Gavin and I a long time to decide when and how to baptize our sons.  Ultimately, our very wise priest gave me some good advice and insights so we loaded up the family and headed to Chicago.

Gavin's mom mentioned that they often invite godparents over to help dress the babies.  So we invited everyone over! Cheryl and Craig were staying with Gavin's family and Cori brought Patrick.

 Craig did a great job, although he did tell me after that he refrained from helping with the diaper because he thought learning on a child dressed all in white laying on a white bed was tempting fate.

When we got to the church, both boys wanted mommy snuggles.  My favorite!

We had met with the Parish Pastor earlier in the week.  I really liked Father Dennis.  He had some excellent insight for me and I appreciated his honesty and compassion for our family.

Because of our time constraints we had a private baptism.  It was a beautiful event for just the boys and our families.  He shared some beautiful words with us, encouraging us to be good examples to our children and reminded us of our solemn responsbility in raising them. He reminded us that we had the support and love of not only their godparents, but everyone gathered and the entire Christian community.

During the service, Father Dennis also included the babies we never met.

 Alex was not a fan of the actual baptism.  The water went in his eyes, but he quickly calmed down.

 Colin was fascinated and immediately after the baptism was complete looked at me and said 'Again!'.  Sorry Colin, we acknoweldge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. :)

 It was a beautiful ceremony and I was overwhelmed with the love and prayers surrounded our family.  We were so honored that both sets of godparents were able to attend.  What a beautiful day to celebrate our precious boys!

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