Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

I'm way behind on blogging, but it's mostly because I'm way on time with enjoying the craziness and joy that is the Christmas season with two little ones!  It's been a beautiful Christmas season.  I didn't get everything done, nothing was perfect, but everything was wonderful!

We really kicked off Christmas this year with our trip to Palm Springs after Thanksgiving to see the lights at the Living Desert and it was a whirlwind from then on!  We got to see Auntie Cheryl and Brad, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Bev and Uncle Don, Uncle Craig and Aunt Faith and Uncle Ryan.  Shortly aferwards, we had a week with Buma and Bupa, then a quick visit to Vegas then home to rush through the rest of hosting preschool in time for Christmas! Phew!

First was Christmas Eve.  We had a beautiful day with Grandma and then a very crowded and not lovely time at mass. I can't wait until we have a church building and (maybe) enough seats for everyone!

That service was exhausting!

After church, our godson came over to celebrate with us!

Christmas Eve has always been magical for me.  Colin and I completed his advent nativity and I told Alex all about the magic that was Christmas.

I also got some sweet love from both of my boys.

But seriously, Christmas morning was awesome.  I remember that feeling of anticipation for Santa's arrival as a kid and I didn't realize you got to experience that again when you had kids of your own!!  I seriously could barely sleep.

And Santa did not disappoint!

Colin's Kitchen

Alex's Truck
Colin woke up excited.  "Open Presents with Santa today!!"  We explained that Santa had left the presents, and then we went downstairs to investigate the treasures.

"Hop on, brother!"

Colin was excited about his stocking.  There were surprise eggs inside!! (surprise eggs are plastic eggs wrapped in playdoh with toys inside... it's a youtube thing that the kids (toddlers, at least mine) are super into these days. :))

Alex was mostly excited about eating paper at every opportunity.  His brother was very helpful opening his presents!

It was seriously a magical day, especially the morning.  The kids were both so much fun.

It was a beautiful day.  We were so grateful to have Grandma here with us, and missed the friends and family who were far away.  I can't wait for next Christmas!! (and all the moments between now and then!)

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