Monday, December 1, 2014

Colin is 2!!

My sweet sweet baby boy is 2!

Colin is an incredibly advanced communicator.  He often speaks in complete sentences, uses pronouns and knows more words than I could possibly count.  Most people who meet him are amazed at his vocabulary.  The other day he said "Grandma, you should try it." (referencing a smoothie I'd made that Grandma said she didn't want.)  I was amazed that he seemed to understand what each of those words meant.

Colin has also started to become more introverted.  He's not shy and he enjoys interacting with people and other children, but I've noticed several situations when we prefers to keep to himself.  I love watching his personality develop.

The last six months have been busy ones for Colin!  He got a new baby brother, started school (technically two schools!)  He even (temporarily) gave up his pacifier.

We started a new tradition in our family: Birthday Interviews!  It's a little over Colin's head, but here are his answers anyway (along with mommy's answers)

Birthday Interview!
Name: "C! Conin!"  (Colin seems to pronounce his name with an extra N)

Age: "Two!"  

Favorite Thing to Do: "Watch a Bo" (he was asking to watch a Bo, but that is probably one of his favorite things to do! :))

Favorite Food:  "Bananas" ( We had just eaten breakfast, but he does love Bananas.  It's so nice to have our little eater back.  Colin will eat almost anything)

Favorite Color: "Pink one!"

Favorite Book:  "That one."  (Colin loves books, his current favorite is probably "Three Billy Goats Fluff")

Favorite time of Day: "Conin push something!" (I started losing him at this point. Colin's favorite time of day is probably whenever he is outside.)

What do you want to be when you grow up? ""Push that one right there, please!" (At two, it's impossible to say but daddy says based on his play preferences he'd guess Librarian!)  

What do you do really well? (Colin was done answering questions at this point, but the answer is talk!  Kid never stops!)

What makes you laugh? (Daddy!  He loves playing games.  His two favorite are 'running' where we run around the kitchen island and 'achoo' where his big bear sneezed and sends everyone flying around).

What are you afraid of? (I'm not sure.  He doesn't seem to have any acute fears yet).

Who is your best friend? (The answer oscillates between Desmond and Jax).

What do you like to do with your family: (Read and play!)

What do you like to learn about: (Everything!  The world is our classroom.  We are casually working on letters and potty training, but mostly just playing)

If you had one wish, what would it be? (Probably unlimited bos (videos) and birthday cake all of the time!



How long do you think I'll be able to convince him to take this picture every year?? 

Happy Birthday, baby boy!  Mommy loves you!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how is he 2 already?! What a precious boy