Monday, December 29, 2014

Alex is Seven Months!

Another month already!!

Height/Weight: My itty bitty baby!  Alex is hovering at the 10th percentile and is currently 15 lbs 15 oz.  We had an extra doctor's appointment to check his weight, and his doctor isn't worried.

Clothing Size: Alex is wearing pretty much all six month clothes.  And man does he have some clothes!  His closet is so full of clothes I probably could put him in a clean shirt from now until he outgrew six months shirts without doing laundry!

Diaper Size: 2, although we did have our first overnight leak, so it's probably almost time to move up!

Eating: Alex is doing great with solid food! We have started leaving some texture and he's also had bread and tortilla (both of which he loved!). This month we had our first two meals where our entire family ate the saem thing!! (Veggie soup first and then pot roast, we used the blender for baby's dinner!) I wish he nursed better, or ate milk a bit better, but I'm happy he's growing, even if it's a tad slowly for my liking!

Sleeping: Overall, Alex is sleeping great.  He sleeps from 7 pm to about 5 most nights.  He is also on a pretty good nap schedule (morning, afternon and short evening nap).  Unfortuantely our dual nap is pretty much over and it seems like most of our day is one long nap between the two boys somedays!

New Skills: Guess who's moving?? Alex isn't quite crawling, but he has no problem going where he wants to go!  It wasn't great timing with Christmas morning, as he was picking up every spare piece of paper or wrapper to try to shove in his mouth!  His other new 'skill?'  Teeth!  Alex now has two teeth! See?

Alex is still an easy going and happy baby, although if you don't feed him fast enough, he will let you know.  He loves to watch his brother and listening to Colin singing and talking.

Alex is more fun every day and I can't wait to see what this month holds.

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  1. Hi Amy! Boy do I know all about weight worries. Both girls were on the small side, low percentiles, though typically tall. I always worried they weren't getting enough to eat or that my milk supply was low.

    I don't have any advice to give, just to say that I know how you feel!