Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy 1/2 birthday, Alex!!

Alex is half a year old already!!

Height/Weight: This continues to be a problem.  Alex is a wee little guy!  He's around the 10th percentile right now! Ek!!  His doctor doesn't seem overly concerned, but we do have an extra check up to monitor his growth.  He seems perfectly healthy and happy, but of course mommy is making her self a little bit crazy with worry about her tiny tot.

Clothing Size: Since he hasn't grown much, he hasn't outgrown his clothes either! He's wearing clothes that Colin had outgrown by two months.  My boys couldn't be more different.

Diaper Size: 2

Eating: Alex eats food now!  His doctor recommended we really push solids, so we are off!  His first food was banana right at his six month birthday.  He did well, but the next day and the follow day refused.  He's now tried apple and sweet potato as well.  He loves sweet potato.  He's very picky about his food, it has to be very very very smooth, which I wasn't expecting so my first attempts were rejected.  My immersion blender will be getting a workout with this guy!

Sleeping: A month is a long time in babyland.  We've had good days and bad days.  This week has been great.  He slept until five thirty more than once.  He also went back down immediately after eating, so yay Alex!  It's amazing how seriously sleep deprivation affects everything.

New Skills: Nearly sitting up on his own!  He can balance for a few second before toppling over.  He's become very fascinated with toys this month as well.

Despite his small size, Alex seems to be doing great.  He's meeting his milestones, sleeping, and is generally happy and fun to be around.

Another first this month is Alex had his first haircut!! Gavin really didn't want to do it, but truthfully, his hair was getting pretty bad.  He had these crazy long hairs on the front of his head and was pretty bald on the back, so we just cut them off.  Much better!

Pre-haircut hair

I can't believe you've been here half a year already, little peanut!  I love you!

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