Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

We are so lucky.  We have the greatest daddy.  I knew Gavin would be a great dad, but he still amazes me with his love, compassion and involvement.  We spent this special father's day in Vegas. 

Hey look dad, two cards!

Helping Dad with his present

Grandpa and his special hand/foot mug

Just like my dad, down to my crazy hair!

Thank you to our daddy.  Thank you for all of the daddies.  It's a full load taking care of babies and mommies! The last half year has been filled with so many moments of Gavin knowing exactly when and how to help me.  The first few days home from the hospital, when I was still figuring out how to feed the baby, he feed me and made sure I always had water within reach.  I never have to ask him to take care of the baby and if I need a break, he knows before I do and he's there before I realize it.  

We love you daddy!

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