Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back up your stuff!!!

We had a hard drive failure.

Today we determined it's unrecoverable.

I'm usually pretty decent about backing my stuff up.  But some of my routine tasks got a bit behind in the hectic world of living with an infant, sadly this was one of them.

I am crazy about my pictures though and almost all of my picture of Colin are safe.  So this is a reminder.  BACK UP YOUR STUFF!!

In the hectic task of recovering/recreating as much as we can, I found lots of fun old pictures and things.  Like this picture of my husband, which reminded me of a post I'd always meant to write:

Gavin hard at work.

Gavin and I took several semester's of ceramics at our local community college together.  It was so much fun.  We would laugh and talk and spend hours at the wheel creating.  Before our wedding, we decided it would be so much fun to make our center pieces.  We wanted to cluster small vases together and decided it would make a meaningful favor for our guests.

Center pieces

In the end, we made almost 200 vases together.  It was such a fun time, hanging out, making a mess and making memories.
Vases in Progress

On the wheel

In the end, not all of them were perfect, and I'm sure there are more lovely center pieces you could purchase, but it was so special for us.  Plus, our florist did a fantastic job with my less than thorough instructions of "Put some flowers in these vases we made."

It's also really cool when we see them pop up in our friends and family homes.

This picture (stolen and used completely without permission, sorry Nathalie!) made me smile.
In conclusion, back up your stuff.  If you have a super simple and reliable method of backup, please let me know!!


  1. No problemo!

    Do you see the vases on the shelf by the sink too? We have 3 total, one for each member of our family (back then!) :). I think it was an amazingly thoughtful, beautiful, and practical wedding favour!!

  2. For backing up, I organize my pictures into seasons (winter Dec-Feb, spring Mar-May, summer Jun-Aug, fall Sept-Nov), then copy them onto CDs once the season is over. I also try to keep all pictures from a current season on my camera's SD card until they're backed up, though sometimes I need the extra space. Speaking of which, I need to back up spring pics ASAP!

    Glad to hear you didn't lose too much!