Thursday, June 27, 2013

7 Months

What a month this has been!

Seven Months Old

It started with daddy's first trip away and Colin's first major illness and ER visit (Croup).  The croup resolved and Colin's better, but we haven't fully recuperated from his sleep setback.  Colin is up at least once a night.

This month Colin also got his first teeth!  I've been trying to photograph them, but it's not easy!
We were also back to Vegas to visit Grandma & Grandpa and Colin's first boating adventure.  Colin is proving himself to be quite the water baby.  He loves splashing around in the water.

Another big milestone this month was significantly increased mobility!  Colin wants to be on the move non-stop.  Crawling, standing, pulling, climbing... even in his sleep he's all over the crib!  His latest move is holding onto the sofa and pulling himself along it to reach a goal (usually a cell phone.)

Colin got to play with friends this month.

And he had several 'big boy' moments.  Like sitting in his first restaurant high chair and his first ride in the grocery store cart!

Don't grow up too fast, my little man!  

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