Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun!

Gavin isn't a huge fan of Valentine's Day.  He is, however, a huge fan of games.  So for Valentine's Day, I decided to make a Trivia game for him!  I hid 10 questions throughout the house where I expected he'd find them going about his day (on his towel, in the microwave, in the baby wipes, on the cat food, etc).  The instructions told him to text me the answers.  I also hid the prizes in places I didn't think he'd find them, and texted him their location after receiving a correct answer.  Cheesy?  Yes.  Fun?  I thought so.
1.  What question did I ask you almost everyday when we first met?
2.  Fill in the blank:  That____ is far away.
3.  What day did we move in to our house?
4.  What was the first name we tried for Lucky?
5. Where did you first meet my parents?
6.  What was the first drink you introduced me to that included beer (hint: Vegas, Summer 2006)?
7.  Name at least one game we played together in Australia?
8.  What was our favorite drink at Halekulani?
9.  What new food did we discover together on our Honeymoon?
10. Essay Question: What is your favorite Valentine's day together?
Gavin did pretty well, he found almost all of the questions during the day and only missed one answer!

This isn't my first experiment in creating a game for Gavin.  A few years ago I created a game I dubbed "WooT! the Game."  In it, Gavin could earn 'dates' through the month.  In February, we visited WooT on each of the 'dates'.  He could opt to have that item and forfeit the rest of his dates, or reject that item and move through his dates.  He ultimately won a video camera (which is sorely underused, btw).  I thought that game was fun as well.  My favorite part was that I created a brochure and left it out where he randomly picked it up.

Gavin brought me red roses and made a delicious steak dinner.

People often complain that Valentine's Day is just a commercial holiday about buying flowers and chocolates, and they have a point.  My goal is to use the holiday as a reminder to show the people I love that I care in creative and personalized ways.  I'm so excited for all of the holiday celebrations with Colin as he grows up!

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