Sunday, February 10, 2013

So long Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year!  I wish I had thought ahead some and had a better way to celebrate than by watching videos on YouTube and posting in my blog.  I'm incredibly grateful for last year.  Not long after I became pregnant with Colin, someone mentioned to me that the year of the (water) Dragon is a particularly lucky year to be born.  I won't insult Chinese culture by rambling on about my Google research into the topic.
Bellagio Dragon
Around Chinese New Year's last year, I was in Vegas visiting my parents in Vegas.  We visited the gorgeous Bellagio Dragon Display in the Gardens.  The trip was incredibly difficult for me.  I remember standing in the garden wondering what the year would hold.  Praying and wishing it would be different than the last.

It was.  I am so grateful for my miracle dragon baby.  Happy Chinese New Year!

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