Sunday, February 10, 2013


I don't think it's a play date at this stage so much as a mom date.  At best, the babies stare at each other and at worse they tag team cry.  Even with the crying, it's awesome to be in the company of someone who completely understands how you are feeling because they are right there with you.

I have been doing my best to meet like-minding parents.  Although I'm not entirely sure what my 'parenting mind' is yet, it's fairly easy to weed out people I have nothing in common with.

Jax lives in Ladera and is only 5 weeks older than Colin.  We met Jax's parents (I'm pretty sure eventually we all lose our names for a while, might as well be today on this blog!) in a community group for people without kids.  Although we see Jax most, I still haven't manage to capture them in a picture together.

Kai's parents know us from the WSOP Math House.  Kai is 3 months older than Colin.  At this stage, that gap seems huge, but as time moves on I'm sure it will seem like less and less.

Colin almost outweighs his older friend already!
We also met another Colin at our hospital support group.  His mom seemed to have more in common with me than the other mom's, and as I get to know her, we have even more in common that I thought!  This Colin is about a week older than our Colin.

All the action is stage right, apparently.
I am so grateful for the friendships we've made already and so glad Colin will have other little boys his own age to grow up with!

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