Sunday, March 28, 2010

Less Wonderful Week

This week certainly does a good job of trying to balance the wonderfulness of last week.

Still, my family is mostly healthy and happy so no complaining! Gavin left for London Friday leaving me with a weekend frighteningly devoid of tasks. After dropping Gavin off, I met up with Jen for some much needed decompressing. Had an awesome dinner and evening.

Saturday Ladera held an Easter Celebration. My intent was to ride my bike over there and take some pictures. Several people pointed out that in general, taking photographs of other people's children is creepy. Also, I realized the park wasn't the one near my house, but on the other side of Ladera, about 2.5 miles away. Go ahead, laugh at me, but 2.5 miles is a lot for me, especially in Ladera, there's so many hills! Plus there is the matter of getting home afterwards. Despite all of that I was up in time and ended up giving in a shot. I was quite proud of myself for making it all the way (no need to count the number of stops I made...) I only crashed once and it was entirely my bikes fault (chain fell off). In order to avoid being a creeper, I took very few photos at the event, I did stop for one of my bike on the way home.
Which reminds me, my bike needs a name. Especially now that we've gone through so much together. Suggestions?

The night before Gavin left, we had a lovely dinner at home date night. We made these amazing potatoes. Basically you make the potato's, cut them in half and scrap out the inside. Mix it with cottage cheese, milk, butter, seasoning and cheese. Put it back in the skin and bake it. I was a bit skeptical, especially because Gavin hates cottage cheese, but it came out delicious! You can check out the recipe yourself if you want.

I added some basil to my garden today. I am quite sad to say that my indoor started kit failed. It wasn't it's fault. It was growing fine. The real problem is that Lucky decided he likes to eat fresh herbs growing peacefully in the window. There is exactly one little parsley plant left... I'm about to abandon the entire project. My AeroGarden and dirt garden are both doing quite well, however.

I don't notice because I see it everyday, but it's grown quite impressively since I planted it! A expect this time next month I might start getting some tomatoes!

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  1. Bike: Jean the Green Machine?

    Never mind. I'll keep thinking.