Sunday, March 14, 2010

Better perspective

Have a much better perspective now, just took some carefully crafted time with some awesome people. I know I have great friends because just a quick meal, call or message can really make me feel a ton better about everything. Thanks friends!

I'm trying to make time to be active as well. I think I mentioned I bought a bike recently. I greatly improved the awesomeness of my bike by adding a basket

My Bike

Gavin and I have been exploring our neighborhood one short ride at a time. Riding a bike is not so easy as I remember. Particularly the changing gears part of the experience. Gavin also took me for a lovely dinner at the Cellar in Fullerton. I think I'm in love with lobster bisque.

Last night Sara and Chris introduced us to some awesome friends of theirs for some wine and cooking. I did very little of the cooking, although I was solely responsible for the fondue and of the Stormy Night Martinis. All of the food was delicious and it was a fun night.

Hectic week ahead, but excited to head back to Chicago next weekend!

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