Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Haunted all over Again.

Disneyland is probably my favorite place in the world (besides at home cuddling with Gavin and the pets, of course!) I love the music, the scenes, the families having fun, pretty much everything. (Ok, I don't love the lines). I had a kinda rough day (complete with an antibiotic shot, do you know how they administer those?) Gavin has tournaments on Tuesdays, so I could think of no better place to spend my solo afternoon than Disneyland.

I intended to spend the afternoon taking awesomely artful pictures with my new camera. Sadly, after fighting with the aperture for half an hour, I pretty much gave up and decided to just wander around for a while. It's not surprise I ended up at the Haunted Mansion.

The haunted mansion is my favorite Disneyland Ride of all time. I've gone on it pretty much every time I've gone to Disneyland (not a small number of times). While it's been quite some time since the ride was actually frightening to me, I enjoy it for nostalgic reasons and the creative genius that went into the original design (I do not endorse the Halloween version, for the record).

Amazingly, there was no line for the haunted mansion. (Lines for other rides were short as well (20-40 mins)) I took a quick picture of the front before hurrying up for the ride.

I try not to visit Disneyland on the busiest day or times, still it's been a long time since I've walked directly up to the ride. When I got to the front, I saw no attendant and walked into the lobby. A few minutes later, the attendant showed up(not sure where he was) and directed me back to the patio. A few minutes later he ushers me back into the lobby, alone as no one else has yet shown up for the ride. this is both a bit scary, and awesomely cool. A few minutes later a couple shows up and the 'ride' starts. In the elevator, I've never heard it so silent (major props to all of the cast members for being in perfect character, by the way). As I approach my 'doom' buggy, the cast member doesn't even speak, but just stares at me for a while and then directs me into a car. Awesomely Creepy. Apparently the couple walks slower than me as I didn't see them in any of the cars directly near mine. I'm suddenly aware that, at least so far as I can see, I am completely alone.

The most frightening element, in my opinion, is the hat rack/desk table at the end of the ballroom scene. It's apparently not particularly popular as a 10 minute google search yielded no pictures of the item in question. I find it eerie because it has always seemed so out of place to me and so.... normal? Anyway, just as I turn towards it, the ride stops (not uncommon, but the timing was incredible). I sat staring at an object uniquely frightening to me (most people I mention it to can't even remember it from the ride) for several minutes alone on my favorite Disneyland ride of all time. No children laughing, no coughing, nothing. Amazing.

All I can really say is Bravo, Haunted Mansion, for somehow managing to spook me yet again!

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